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I have made $200 a month using Perk,( but I personally now people who make over $500 or more on this app) this app is so great you can literally let it run while you sleep for a few hours, cook, clean or play with your kids. Perk TV is an app that pays you to watch countless videos on your smartphone or tablet. The videos only last about 1-2 minutes long on average, and you can choose between watching movie trailers or app trailers.The perk company has over 11 apps, but I’m only going  into detail about the ones that will get you the most bang for you buck.
Each time you watch a video you are granted points. When you get enough points, they can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, and Target, or you can have the option of opting out for cash and getting money directly deposited into your PayPal account and Perk Wallet.

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1. PerkTV– you can download this app if you have a IOS or android devices. You just sign up for the app and let it run on either movie trailers or app trailers. Perk allows each household to have up to 5 devices. So most people just get cheap devices from Amazon, like the one below and let it run 24/7. The $30 phone will yield you $100 a month per phone. Awesome!


  1. Perk Scratch and Win- is another app that is linked to your overall Perk points. You can easily get 100 points in under 1 minute. Perk Scratch & Win awards you tokens and points for playing mobile versions of scratch tickets. The only downside is that each time you purchase a ticket, you have to spend tokens. This actually is a great deal since tokens can only otherwise be used to enter sweepstakes (which are incredibly difficult to win due to the high volume of entries).

    3.App trailers- this app is only for IOS devices, but it is own by Perk. Your app trailers points directly converts to Perk points. the good thing is that you can make anywhere between 5-10 points per app trailer. I will make a detail review on app trailers app soon.

    How to Make $150 or more from Perk TV

    For the time being, every 2 videos watched pays you 4 points. 1 point is only worth 1/10 of a cent! Talk about your low earnings potential. So how is it that we can make any money from this app?

    We let the app run all-night long.

    Once you click on “Watch Movie Trailers” or “Watch App Trailers,” new movies will play over and over again without any maintenance required. Since videos automatically play from one to the next, we can simply sit back and relax while our points are adding up.

    While one phone running this app for 24 hours gives you about $50 a month. The more devices you add, the more money you can potentially make for doing little to no work.

    Here’s the math!

    $49.50 x 5 = $247.50 a month on 5 devices.Click here to get the cheapest phone to run perk 24/7.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Money on Perk!

  1. Apptrailer and appredeem are now available on android. I use them all the time. You can earn points faster with these two app than with perktv.

    1. Thanks I use Rewardable tv a lot now, I get $100 a month using 2 phones. Use code FPIERRE4 to get $1.00 to startup. Thanks, I will try appredeem. I already use apptrailers.

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