6 Super Simple Steps to get 10,000 page views a month!


6 Super Simple Steps To Get 10,000 Page Views Each Month!

As a new blogger my main focus was getting my site expose and eventually getting some income from my blog. Well I had to do tons of research and finally came up with my personal 6 Super simple steps to getting 10,000 page views each month and today I’m sharing those tips with you guys.:)

1. Social Media- you just have to advertise for free on these 5 social media sites. I get 35% ofmy traffic from these social media platforms. Please get everything automated with Boardbooster and Tailwind. ( they are both offering free trials)

  • A.Pinterest- You can follow me and all my followers to get an extra 1.3k followers. If you want to contribute to my boards just follow the instructions on each board. I’m part of over 28 boards by the way.
  • B.Twitter– I have over 2.7k followers that will actually follow you back. I post 2-3 times a day on twitter.
  • C. Instagram– I actually have two instagram account, one is personal and the other is strictly for business.
  • D. Facebook– I am part of some strong facebook groups, and the traffic I get from them is ridiculous! I am planning to make a official list of all my facebook groups. But for now just send me a request, and follow all my groups.
  • E. StumbleUpon– I get so much traffic from this site, you need a account right now

2.Comment!- I comment daily for 30 minutes on these blogs and leave my website to generate traffic back to my website.20% of my traffic comes from doing this.

3.Submit your Blog- After I complete a new post, I always submit my blog to these websites!


  1. SEO- You will need to be ranked on Google, it is super important to add the SEO by Yoast plugin to your WordPress account. If you don’t have WordPress, I suggest you switch over quick, you are losing money and traffic. Read my post on How to Start a Money Making Blog.

  1. Make Blog Friends- Hey we are in this whole blogsmosphere together. Trust me , we need each other. I’m always down for making new friends, leave a comment and a link to your website and I will be sure to visit.

  1. Link Up- Please see my Ultimate List of Linkups that will boost your Traffic.

    Wanna add great tips to our list? Please leave a comment with a great tips to achieving high traffic and leave your blog info in the comment section, I love seeing other blogs!

    The #1 tip I have for making money blogging is through free advertising through pinterest, instagram, facebook, and twitter. Please follow me and I will follow you back.



    BLUEHOST: Amazing web hosting starting at as low as $1.95/month! It is a streamlined set up and easy integration with WordPress.  Check out How to Start a Money Making Blog.  Bluehost is currently the host used for this blog, Super Simple Ways.  Highly recommended.

    CHITIKA– I found a great AdSense alternative that pays out at $10. You can use it in conjunction w/adsense too. Try it: http://bit.ly/2dqLHEu

    BOARDBOOSTERAND TAILWIND: I’ve tried these Super Pinning tools separately but I have BOTH! The minute I made that change, my repins increased by 500X!  I love the features and tools from both.  You’ll like the simple, easy navigation of Boardbooster.  Not too complicated at all.  Tailwind is great! They both can be tried free for the first month, by using my link you can get an additional month for free.  They are both very affordable.  A must have and my secret weapon for exploding my blog page views!


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