My December 2016 Income Report!

Hey Friends,

Happy New Year! It’s that time again for me to share my online side hustling income. This will be my last income report for the year and I’m super excited that 2016 was a good year financially.  First, I want to say how happy I am to actually be making real money from mostly online side hustles. I never dream that I could make extra money on the side without getting another job. I made  $1800.00 this month, completely from my side hustles. I am so happy to share how I side hustle and made extra income for the month of December 2016.But first up, I want to share with you how I did with my December goals and tell you about some January 2017 goals.
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December 2016 Goals

  1. Save an additional $500.00.Completed, so excited I was able to save this month during all the shopping.
  2. Make $2000.00 extra this month from side hustling! Didnt happen, I fell short 200$
  3. Since I can’t seem to do the gym 3 times a week, I’m bringing down my goal to gym 2 times a week. Doing the winter break, I didn’t go to the gym at all.
  4. Decorate home for the holidays! Completed
  5. Do Snowfest! Completed
  6. Complete this semester of MSN classes! Completed a semester.
  7. Complete Realtor state exam ad join realtor firm. Completed, yes friends I am finally a realtor. I will be sharing tips to passing this exam soon.

January 2017 Goals

  1. Save a additional $250.00
  2. Take family trip to Disney World!
  3. Plan Jr class birthday party!
  4. Make $2000.00 this month from side hustling.
  5. Complete 1 class towards my MSN.

6.Join a realtor firm!


Extra $$$ Income in December 2016-$1800.00

  1. rental property-$600- I rent out a small house and after all expenses I am left with $600.
    2.Plaza Research-$300– I completed a 2 day study specifically for nurses.Click here to signup.
    3.Ibotta– $100.00– You can sign up for ibotta and receive $10.00, using this referral code cprsgda or this link
    4.Intellizoom( Youeye)- $120.00– this is a website review site that pays you to review websites. Each payment takes 10 days to process into Paypal.
    5.Perktv– $165.00– this is a phone app that pays you to watch online videos. Easy and convenient! Referral code is ba34ebbc to get 50 free points.
    6.Qriket app-$22– This is a app on ios and andriod, that give you daily spins for cash. Use my referral code and get 25 free spins using F63D15. I finally got paid from this app. not worth it.
    7. Inbox dollars- $30.00 I had joined inbox years ago and quit, but they have approved big time. Click here to get $5 on me!!

8.Walmart Saving Catcher-$10.00– this cute app let you scan your Walmart receipts,Walmart searches to see if you got the best deal and they refund you the difference.( You can use Ibotta along with Wal-Mart Saving Catcher to Save Big)

  1. Ebates- 150.00click here to see the review.

12.Apptrailers-$205.00– this is another ad app that pays you for simply watching ad, I let it run at night while I slept and got paid.

13.Checkout 51- $2.50– this app can’t even compare to Ibotta, but I scan the same receipt to Iboota, then Walmart saving catcher the Checkout 51.

14.Nadamobile-$ 20.00

15.EarnHoney- $70.00– this is similar to nadamobile only better because you can play all videos at night while you sleep.You can see my video review here. My referral code is 11E7924DB5. Click on this link to start earning now.
16. Youtube- Yes I have youtube income!!! I start a youtube channel 2 weeks ago and made $12 my first week. You can check out my page here.
Cant cash out yet so I wont include it in this months total earned.

Total =$$1800.00

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