2017 New Year Bucket list!

Hey Friends!

It Wednesday, and I’m linking up with Shay and Erika to share my new year goals.

2017 Goals

  1. Spend more time reading the Word of God. I love reading and I seem to find myself spending more time reading every other book except the bible. I also want to spend time getting to know God this year.
  2. Stronger marriage- My husband and I are gong to be celebrating 11 years of marriage this year. I really want to do something extra special.
  3. More date nights.
  4. Spend more one on one time with Jr.My son is growing super fast and I want to do more individual dates with my son.
  5. Grow our family- My husband and I have been battling with infertility for 4 years now, and every year this is a goal. 🙁
  6. More Vacations and leisure time!
  7. More Healthier lifestyle- as a family we are aiming at a healthier lifestyle. I also want abs and tone legs, lol.
  8. Save!
  9. Get more rest- and buy a new mattress already!
  10. Become a successful Realtor-Most of you guys know that I just passed my realtor state exam and I’m looking forward to joining Keller Williams Realty.

What are some of your New Year Goals? Please comment and leave suggestions?

3 thoughts on “2017 New Year Bucket list!

  1. I love your new goals, especially the first goal that you wrote. It’s good that you want to have more time reading the bible. Writing your goals is indeed helpful. Like you, I want to list down my goals, whether they are short-term or long-term goals. Whenever I read those goals, I feel that I need to push myself to the limits so that I can achieve those goals. It gives motivation to keep on working hard.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes I love goals also. I’ve been writing goals since I was a child, and it definitely keeps me on track.

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