5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join Keller Williams Realty

As a brand new realtor, I have been shopping for the perfect realty company to join. I was extremely close to joining Keller Williams Realty then I realized I would be doing myself a huge disservice. So I’m writing this blog to explain why  I didn’t join and maybe this can help other realtors that are in my same position.

I want to start off by saying that Gary Keller is a genius. If you haven’t read his bestseller book, ” The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, stop what you are doing and go pick it up now. Trust me you will need this book in your career. Gary Keller is so brilliant that he has figured out a way to make millions not just off real estate, but also off real estate agents. Below I have listed the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t join Keller Williams Realty.


$620.00, this is the amount that I would have to pay before I even began Keller Williams. I also would have to continue to pay $80 per month after 5 months. They claim you get so much training with this money, but really you are helping pay overhead cost and rent.

Most companies don’t charge a desk fee, or if they do charge it is very minimal.  When you join your local or national realtor membership, your training is free.

You are also heavily encourage to get a coach, which is 10% of each sale for a whole year! Crazy, right!

2. Commission Rates –

The standard commission rate is 70% for the agent, and 30% for the company. This includes if you brought in your own lead. On top of that, you have to pay Gary Keller $3000 per year for using his name. Ohh, don’t forget about the 10% for the coach, and 10% for life for your recruiter. I’ll discuss this in more detail later.

3. No Lead Generation-

I was informed that I would have to bring in my own leads, but they will teach me where to look. I’ve looked at several companies that would at least give you some leads.

4.Recruitment Bonuses-

Who ever recruited you to Keller Williams will receive 10% from your sells for life as long as they have been with the company for 3 years and 1 day. So yes, they are people who don’t sell any houses, and just recruit people every month. SMH.

5.Popularity and Company Size-

Keller Williams is the number one Real Estate Company in the world. Popularity is a great thing, but when you are competing for leads its horrible.

Please leave any comments? What was your experience with Keller Williams Realty?

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