New Billionaires Beyonce and Jay-Z l 5 Steps to Become a Power Couple!

Its official y’all, Beyonce and Jay Z are officially billionaire according to

Beyonce told us “things” goes down when there’s a billionaire dollars on an elevator. But, Mr. and Mrs. Carter no longer need anyone else on the elevator to make it to that true in real life. Forbes just made it official.


The LEMONADE singer came in at #46 on Forbes’ list of America’s Wealthiest Self-Made Women where it was revealed Bey is worth a cool $350 million. Meanwhile, her husband Jay Z came in at the No. 2 spot (behind Diddy) on Forbes’ list of Wealthiest Artists 2017 with a worth of $810 million.

Their coins combined equal a net worth of $1.16 billion. And counting.


The Carters inked a new ten-year $200 million deal with Live Nation last week, which means, more shows on the road. Okay!!!

5 Steps to Becoming A Power Couple


  1. Combine Your Income-  this is one of the simplest steps but many couples fail to combined their coins.

  2. Invest into the Future- It is very wise to invest into real estate, IRA, 401k accounts while you guys are young.

  3. Work together- Yes, team work makes the dream work. I know many people who are married and still hustling solo. Working collectively will get you there faster.

  4. Manage around obstacles.- We’ve all seen the entrepreneur who is struggling to keep the business alive by tackling the daily obstacle. If you guys fail in a area, always look at the bigger picture.

  5. Give. -Donating is huge, find a cause and fund it. You can’t make money by keeping it all. (after all this is a very famous bible study).


What do you think?Comment and share your own tips for becoming a power couple.


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