Kids Summer 2017 Bucket List and Schedule

Summer 2017 Bucket list and schedule

  1. Swimming lessons for 2 weeks
  2. Summer Camp for Coding/Robotics
  3. Read 20 books
  4. Beach
  5. Get ice cream
  6. Family mini trip
  7. water park
  8. Picnic at the park
  9. Gardening
  10. Ride bikes
  11. watch movies
  12. pool days
  13. Miami Children Museum
  14. Family Bowling


Week Days

Wakeup Jr around 730/800am on most days

800am- Breakfast/ Shower/ Dress

900am-300pm Summer Camp

300pm Dinner/ Read Book

530pm Swimming Lessons

630pm- Play extra in pool

700pm Shower/ Snack/Read Bible

800pm- Bedtime



Wakeup at 830am

830am shower/ breakfast/ get dress

945am-1130am Gym play area/ Church

1200- lunch

0100pm-4pm Family outing( museum, beach, bowling or just hanging at pool)

5pm dinner/ read book

600pm movie night

800pm bedtime


What plans do you have with your kids this summer?



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