Joy Anna Duggar Wedding ( Exclusive Pics and Video) Counting On 6/12/17

Joy Anna Duggar Wedding ( watch here)

Joy Anna Duggar WeddingVideo click here to see exclusive video! here

Counting On Season 4

The season opens with Joy Anna Duggar and Austin breaking tradition and seeing it each other the day of the wedding. Rumors say that she went to go ask Austin if she should wear a veil, we all know the bride wears the veil as a sign of her virginity. This would explain why Joy Anna would ask seeing that her and Austin were sleeping together before the marriage. Click here to see proof.

Joy Anna duggar looks flawless in her wedding grown.

Austin is seen walking down the ale with mother in law Michelle Duggar and mother.  Joy Anna Duggar and Austin are seen signing their marriage certificate. So cute. She ask if she can sign her married name now.

During the reception, Joy Anna who was supposed to throw the banquet to all the single ladies. She ends up handing it to Kendra. Joseph Duggar then proposes to Kendra. Kendra immediately front hug Joseph and I thought they would kiss. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, he had to confirm no kissing.

Congrats are in order for Joy Anna Duggar, she is 19 years old and a beautiful bride.

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