A Day in the Life | Homeschooling Mom of 3| 10/2017

As a young mother of 3, day in the life of a mom allows you to come up with some stay at home mom (sahm) and it doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ve learned that a day in the life of a young mother of 3 and soon to be 4 can be easy if you make sure to get the kids outside or doing something physically demanding like playing at the playground, running around out during Fall 2017 as a stay at home mom routine.

6am :Wake up, Morning Cleaning, Do 1 Load of Laundry

7am:Hair & Makeup, Breakfast

8am: Kids dress, brush teeth, make beds, start school

9am-11am : Homeschooling

1130am: Lunch

12 pm: Kids Play outside while I check my emails

1pm- Finish Schoolwork

2pm: Naptime

3pm: Playtime (Workout)

4pm: Make Dinner: Super Simple Lasagna

5pm: Dinner

6pm: Free time & Play with kids

7pm:Bedtime and story time

8pm:Plan school for tomorrow. Clean house

10pm: Spend time with hubby:)



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