How to Clean | 10 Cleaning Habits and Tips

10 minimalist cleaning habits for a Clean Home! These clean with me cleaning tips for a clean home are things I do to keep my home clean in between my more detailed cleaning routines 2017 for habits for a clean home.

1.Minimize and De-clutter– remove any items that are of excess, leave only 1 or 2 main items that you use daily.

2. Hidden Cleaning Supplies- Every room should have a ragĀ  accessible and a homemade spray.

3. Be Accountable-Hold yourself accountable to your must clean areas for the week.

4. One touch rule- touch one item a day

5. Shoes Off- Make it a habit that whenever you get home to remove your shoes. Your shoes sometimes

6. Daily Dishes and Laundry- This rule has honestly made my life so much easier, I don’t let anything pile up.

7. Kitchen Trash Bowl- Whenever I’m cooking I immediately get out a bowl to dump all my excess trash in that bowl then I empty it out to the trash.

8. Something Small Daily

9. Use Paper Plates- Less dishes

10.Be Realistic- Be real, don’t over work yourself!

These are all my tips for a clean home and habits that are super easy to help your home look like a million bucks!




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