Life Lately | China Adoption Update

Hey friends,


this is another edition of life lately. This week has been so hard and heavy on my heart. It feels like every week has been some sort of tragedy in the news. I’ve been praying for America nonstop, I feel like I have to hold on tight to my dear family, then I realize that God’s in the driver seat. Let His will be done.

Just the boys hanging out at the house while the girls are out shopping. My husband sent this pic and then I realized we were a family of 6. He is a sweet and loving little guy! These last couple weeks have been the hardest on him learning to share mommy and daddy time and attention is hard. And when we first met Huxley he would pinch Radley all the time as one of the behaviors he picked up from the orphanage. Today was the first day we saw the boys playing together and laughing. Me and Myka just smiled. We are making so much progress in the Stauffer house right now 💙

Happy Halloween!

What a beautiful boy! I just love his new haircut.



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