2018 Blogging Goals

2018 Blogging Goals

2017 really flew by so fast! (I’m still in shock) I had so much goals and ambition for 2017 unfortunately I didn’t let you guys know my goals for 2017. I definitely wanted to do things a little differently this year, so today I’m sharing my blog goals.


The winner for  12/15/2017 is Jeff K.


It’s  time we start thinking about our goals and aims for next year so we can build up a good base in which to start. Nothing over the top, I want them to be small and realistic so I can build upon them throughout the year. So here are my 2018 blog goals!

Blog: 5K blog followers

Right now I have over 2k blog followers, and I am so greatful to these followers and friends. I want to double this number some how!

Blog: Frequency

I definitely want to be more consistent with my blogging schedule. I blog atleast once a week now and I want to up it to twice a week. I also would like more lengthy blogs (1k words per blog post)

Business: Make $1000/year on the blog

For 2017 I’ve made a little over $300 from the blog. I know that sounds like crumbs, but trust me every little helps.

Blog: Start a newsletter 

I have a little over 2000 blog subscribers, although I have sent out emails I haven’t officially started sending newsletters and I definitely would like to start doing this in 2018.

What are your blogging goals for next year? 


2 thoughts on “2018 Blogging Goals

  1. Good luck with your 2018 goal !! Hoping you get the best out of the coming year and more subscribers for you !! Thank you for giving others tips on how to earn extra money ! As for me , I don’t have plans for blogging he he because I don’t have any laptop or computer , I can’t afford to buy one , and besides I don’t have enough knowledge in using it 🙂 God bless you and more blessings to come your way and your family!!

    1. Michelle, you write really well. I’m curious as to how you able to comment. Are you using a cell phone, because a computer is very similar to a smartphone. I also would like to know, where are you from?

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